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Help & Info about Final Cut Pro X for mac

  • What is Final Cut Pro X for Mac?

    Final Cut Pro X for Mac is a sophisticated application for editing video footage. It is the successor to the earlier Final Cut Pro, and makes a large number of alterations on the model of its predecessor.
  • What filetypes are supported by Final Cut Pro X for Mac?

    Final Cut Pro X is capable of importing video, audio and still image files across most widely-used formats. It can also export to a range of different formats. A significant exception is the WMV format, which the application does not recognise. However, it is possible to overcome this limitation using a third-party conversion program.
  • What is the difference between Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X?

    Final Cut Pro X is a radically redesigned program offering far greater depth and, by the same token, increased complexity. Many people used to Final Cut Pro may find it hard to migrate to Final Cut Pro X due to the reworked interface. Ultimately, the two programs demonstrate different approaches to editing video.
  • What's new in the latest release of Final Cut Pro X for Mac?

    The latest version of Final Cut Pro X includes an expansive range of updates. Amongst these are enhanced support for 360° video, a wider range of tools for colour correction, support for a wider range of formats, and a number of alterations to make the interface more intuitive.
  • How do Final Cut Pro X libraries function?

    Final Cut Pro X's libraries allow you to organise your work in a manner that suits you. A library can contain projects and events, which offers a handy way of keeping related files together. Copying projects between libraries is a quick and easy process.
  • What is Final Cut Pro X's Video Animation editor?

    Final Cut Pro X's Video Animation editor is used to apply animation effects to the video. These include fading it from invisible to visible, altering colours and so forth. Possible effects range from the very basic to the more sophisticated, and the editor provides a range of tools for fine-tuning animated effects.
  • What is a secondary storyline Final Cut Pro X?

    If you are working on a complex project that requires more than one storyline, then you will be able to create a secondary storyline. This will be useful while you are working with clips, as you can move clips from one storyline to the other for organisational purposes.
  • What effects and filters can Final Cut Pro X use?

    Final Cut Pro X comes with a library of effects and filters to spruce up your video, including fades, blurs, light and colour enhancements and more. If the ideal effect is not in the current library, you will be able to download additional effects from the Internet.
  • How does Final Cut Pro X's multicam function?

    The multicam option allows you to import footage from multiple cameras at the same time, and edit them within a single project. This is useful if, for example, you have filmed an action from multiple angles and want to quickly decide which looks best.
  • Does Final Cut Pro X support 360° video?

    Yes, the latest version of final Cur Pro X includes full support for 360° video footage. Furthermore, if you connect a VR headset to your device, you will be able to view the footage in real time as you edit.


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